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Ridge Flash! 

Help Save Williams Lake from overdevelopment. The developer's DEIS has been accepted for public review - the document is flawed and their science is weak.

Click here to learn more and CONTRIBUTE to this important cause, at this crucial phase of the SEQR process.

Lake Mohonk: Photo by Gary Kitchen The Shawangunk Ridge Coalition is an advocacy alliance of grassroots, regional, and national organizations dedicated to creating a continuous, protected corridor along the entire 50-mile length of the magnificent Shawangunk Ridge in New York. An explosion of development proposals threatens to destroy this precious environment. Our mission is to protect the Ridge's pristine water quality, unique wildlife habitat, and biodiversity, and to provide public access to its spectacular beauty and world-famous recreational opportunities.

We invite you to explore the Ridge through our website. Learn about its natural history and recreational opportunities. Read about our achievements. Connect with the involved organizations. Link to local communities. Find out about upcoming events. Volunteer. Donate time and money to this most worthy cause.

If you love this area, join with others working to protect the ridge.
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